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Accent your new rain gutters with a rain chain. Complements rain barrels and adds functionality and beauty to your home!

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What are Rain Chains?

Rain Chains can be a functional and beautiful alternative to the traditional downspout. The water runs visibly down chains or cups from the gutter to the ground. It really is quite pleasant to watch. Rain chains can add a truly unique water feature to your home and they can be a wonderful addition to a rain barrel.

Cup types have holes in the bottom and are like small funnels in a line, one dumping into the next and splash very little, so they can be placed most anywhere desired.

Why Use Them

Most rain chains are constructed from either wood, metal or ceramics, and their containers may be elegantly crafted or quite simple. You may choose to have an elegantly designed chain or go instead for one made of copper or steel that will naturally age and transform with time. The choice is yours and they compliment rain barrels very nicely! Rain chains are easy to install and move, which means you can change them if you decide you want to try different styles.

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Rain Barrel

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 Adds character to your rain gutters

 Compliments a rain barrel

 Lots styles to choose from

 Easy to install and move

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San Diegians who are served by an individual water meter can receive a cash-back rebate when purchasing and installing a rain barrel.

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