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Accent your new rain gutters with a rain barrel or rain chain. Both can add functionality and beauty to your home!

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Rain Barrel

What are Rain Barrels?

Rain barrels are large containers used to collect rain water from the roof of a building via the gutter and downspout. The downspout is cut and redirected to a height that allows the rain water to flow directly into a barrel. Most rain barrels have a spigot to which a hose may be attached, and an overflow hose to direct rain water away if rain continues after the barrel is full. Rain barrels are most often made from 55-gallon food-grade plastic barrels, although they can also be made of wood or decorative planters. They are used to collect water for many uses, to water gardens or lawns, or do many other household chores.

Why Use Them

Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water and reduce storm water runoff. In the summer months, outdoor tasks such as watering lawns and gardens typically make up about 40% of all household water use and with seasonal droughts, there are restrictions and bans on lawn watering. With the cost of water always increasing, it makes sense to use rain water instead of municipal water for outdoor uses.

Rain Barrel Rebate Program

City of San Diego (City) Public Utilities residential customers that are served by an individual water meter can receive a cash-back rebate when purchasing and installing a rain barrel and connecting it to the home's rain gutter downspout.

Rain Barrel

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San Diegians who are served by an individual water meter can receive a cash-back rebate when purchasing and installing a rain barrel.

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